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The obvious spot you will be searching while you are on a tour of Bali fitness camp is where you will get good food from. Check out this list of some of the best Bali restaurants that serve scrumptious food. Mainly, almost all the restaurants would not be just serving food but make sure that you are feeling comfort at its best with the properly arranged interior and ambiance. Along with tasty cuisines, you will be listening to music, or you can have an extremely good time with your beloved ones as well.

See the best restaurants that will make your days wonderful; go for a romantic candlelight dinner or relish the traditional taste of Indonesia with proper native food, enjoy a palatial experience with cuisines you have never tasted before. Sublimity will be the end result if you choose any of the restaurants on the list.

Warong Legong

The primary attraction of the place is the wonderful, delicious, mouth-melting Balinese cuisine along with specific varieties of Indonesian cuisine, BBQ Rib, and fire Pizza. Many local authentic traditional dishes are available here with specific spices from the local market.

One of the specialties here is Ayam Betutu served with boiled vegetables and boiled chicken. The best part is the restaurant is really cheap and extremely affordable without compromising on the quality. Cooking classes are also organized here for interested customers.

Secret Garden Restaurant

The name Secret garden is also symbolical since there is an avid display of trees, plants and tropical flowers bordering ever corner of the hall as well as encircling the tables. The interiors are beautifully designed with a thatched roof above every table and designer furniture to match the texture.

One can find almost all kinds of local and international cuisine here. Punched with delicious dishes there remains a whole gallery of drinks on offer, which can be tried and thus enjoy a relaxing yet entertaining evening. For all, there remains live music so that guests can enjoy a good time here partying and dancing with friends and family.

Swept Away

Based on Raya Sayan, Swept away is a truly magical experience that is absolutely unparallel to any experience across the world. Set close to nature there are brilliant spots to enjoy a lovely evening in the heart of Samaya Resort. Either have dinner in the long deck on the riverside or enjoy dining in the midst of tall palms trees and lush greenery in a stress-melting manner. With eclectic tastes and lovely ambiance, it’s a must visit for all

Bloem’s Waroeng

If the choice is to enjoy traditional Indonesian dishes then the best option is to travel to Kedonganan, Kuta, and visit Bloem’s Waroeng (Kedonganan) named after the owner of the chain. One of the best places to eat in Kuta, this restaurant serves every meal in a favorite home-style but in a restaurant-style presentation. Seasoned with traditional Indonesian spices the dishes are some of the yummiest varieties showcasing a glance of the authentic taste of Indonesia. Chilli beef, fried fish, Chicken, lemongrass, Crispy Duck are some of the specialties here. The ambiance of the restaurant is worth mentioning being stylishly designed concentrating on creating a flair of friendliness and warmth in the environment. Last but not least the price of the place is quite less and can be considered value for money once visited.