Organic farming is a type of agriculture that depends on numerous techniques like vermicomposting, crop rotation, manure, husbandry, Biofertilizers, and biological cuss management. Organic farming is the form of doing crop/plant cultivation by using organic manures which are eco-friendly manures that supports the life of the soil and other useful organisms in the soil. Organic farming is a custom-made follow in developing countries, where farmers use animals for tilling the land and manures prepared by dung and other waste material of animals. Organic farming promotes the crop yield and nature of production

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Most of the developed countries use synthetic chemicals to protect their yields as people buy organic flour, etc, therefore, it is important to save them from insects, pests and other plant diseases. The use of synthetic chemicals may give high yield for some time and protect the plants but the continuous use of chemical in farming, kills the useful organisms in soil and becomes inactive, the insects or pests and other diseases gain resistance to the chemicals and later the chemicals may not show its effect on the pests, insects and other harmful organisms to the crops. The organic farming system in some developing countries like India is not new and is being followed from ancient days. Biofertilizers are ready with useful microbes that unleash nutrients to the soil and support the crop growth and products yield with none environmental pollution

Methods of Organic Farming

Organic farming involves various techniques that are eco-friendly and by practicing it the fertility of the soil is conserved for a long time. There are various techniques in organic farming some of them are Crop rotation, use of green manures, biological pest control and composting, these also provide employment to agriculture labors.

  1. Employment to agriculture labors

In present-day machinery is replacing manpower and making them unemployed but with organic farming, it provides employment because many techniques are used, from the preparation of manure to crop harvesting.

  1. Crop rotation

It is a technique of growing different crops in the same area according to the seasons and it is practiced to avoid agriculture pests, and to maintain soil fertility.

  1. Green Manures

Green manures are the plant leaves and waste material of plant which cover the soil and stuffed into the soil and become as a nutrient to the soil and increase the soil fertility.

  1. Vermicomposting

It is a process of composting using different worms like white worms, earthworms and red wrigglers for preparation of compost with a mix of kitchen waste and other vegetable waste. This is rich in nutrients and used as fertilizers in the agriculture fields.

  1. Biological pest control

Living organisms are used to protect plants from peats without synthetic chemicals.


Most of the farmers are doing the conventional form of agriculture to get the high yield and quick result, but with conventional agriculture, the fertility of the soil is decreasing gradually and if this kind of practice continues the land becomes useless for agriculture. So, to avoid such a serious problem practice of organic farming helps the soil to maintain fertility and can get a good quality of food products which are also healthier.