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Everyone faces different stressful situations each day. There are those who get stressed with lovers quarrel, while some people get annoyed with traffic jams. Often, lots of people worry about earning money to cater to their family needs. Others grieve over the loss of a loved one.

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Our mind and body can only take so much stress. You’ll experience burn out, anxiety and other issues when you push it to the limit. In turn, this can definitely make a toll on your health and quality of life. The good news is, there are lots of ways you can do to de-stress.

Engage in activities that can help you relax to give your mind, body, and soul a break. The following are the things you can do to de-stress and reduce anxiety.

Exercise Regularly

You may think that exerting physical effort is not exactly the best thing to do to relax. However, exercise proves to be an effective way to relieve mental stress. According to a study, people will feel calmer after doing 20 to 30-minute aerobic exercises. This only goes to show that exercise has a calming effect, thus making it an excellent way to de-stress and relax.

Avoid Stress Eating

Some people resort to stress eating which proves to be an unhealthy habit. Since we tend to grab comfort foods such as ice cream, chocolates, and other sweet and salty foods, they may feel temporary relief only to regret their actions in the long run.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Instead of grabbing junk foods and other unhealthy treats, grab healthy alternatives such as salmon, tuna, banana, avocado, whole-wheat crackers and pretzels, yogurt, almonds, and even walnuts. If you’re craving for something sweet, grab a dark chocolate bar. The higher percentage of cacao can reduce your stress levels and also satisfy your sweet tooth.

Drink Your Favourite Cup Of Tea

Drinking tea alone is a relaxing ritual, thus helping reduce your stress and anxiety. Health experts even claim decaffeinated green tea can also improve the quality of yourself. Are you willing to splurge and taste an even better variety? Go for Matcha tea. You’d be surprised about the health benefits you can enjoy by drinking this yummy treat.


Meditation offers tons of health benefits, stress reduction included. When you experience stress responses, you can feel a variety of effects such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, decreased focus, cloudy thinking and even increased blood pressure. By meditation, you get to lessen such symptoms plus a load of other perks.

Consider Physiotherapy

Many associate Physiotherapy as massage therapy, but there is more physio than meets the eye. In a nutshell, physiotherapy helps treat injuries, deformities and even diseases through physical methods. This can include heat treatment, exercise, and massage. By searching for “physio near me,” you get to de-stress, invigorate and feel refreshed after each session.

Adopt A Pet Or Play With One

Pets like dogs can significantly improve your mood, can make you happier and gives you purpose and proves to be an excellent companion. If you’re ready for a long-term commitment and responsibility, then consider adopting a new pet. If not, you can always play with one by visiting dog parks and shelters or your neighbour if he has one. Make sure to ask permission first!

Enjoy Positive Physical Contact

When someone hugs, kisses or cuddles you, you feel loved, thus uplifting your spirit and improving your mood. Such acts can help release the love hormone (oxytocin) and lower your cortisol levels which is your stress hormone. So, the next time you’re feeling down and stressed, cuddle up and enjoy positive physical contact.

Avoid Procrastinating

Delaying tasks leads to cramming which can eventually lead to stress, sleepless nights and headaches. It can even cost you your grades or your career. To avoid stressing over deadlines, avoid procrastinating, learn to prioritise and set realistic deadlines.

Laugh More

People find it hard to laugh when they haven’t slept a wink, failed to meet a deadline or two, and is overly stressed over a specific matter. However, doing fun activities that makes you laugh will make you feel instantly better, improve mood and even your health. When you find yourself feeling sad and stressed, take time to watch your favourite comedy show, go out with friends or play with your favourite kiddo or pets.

Practice Yoga

This type of exercise incorporates three things – yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga helps with stress and anxiety reduction, improves focus, helps make you flexible and even reduce neck and back pain. This is also excellent for expectant mothers and after giving birth.

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Don’t Isolate Yourself

In this age where people would rather socialise with their family and peers through social media, one can feel a sense of belongingness even with a simple chat or video call. However, physical socialisation is still the best way to connect. If time permits, make sure not to isolate yourself with social media and the comforts of your home. Go out, have dinner with friends or even go on a mini-vacation.

Take A Mental Vacation

Every one of us has what we call “a happy place.” This is a calming place which, although may not be real, but can instantly boost your mood, making you forget your problems. If you feel overwhelmed or needs time to think, find a quiet place to sit in, focus on images that make you happy and serene and feel your mind and body relax.

Play Your Favourite Playlist

But make sure not to pick one with depressing songs. Listening to your favourite tunes affects your psyche and physical state in a good way since your body produces happy hormones known as endorphin when you sing and dance.

Don’t Forget To Focus On The Good In Everything

Be grateful for it gives you the opportunity to think about even the littlest things that make you feel happy. Being positive is trying to find the good in everything despite the seemingly bad situation you’re in. Try to promote positivity in everything you do, say and think and you’ll find yourself happier and a lot less stressed.